Integrative Medicine Programs for
Women with Breast Cancer

About the Programs

Build Your Treatment Roadmap for Breast Cancer
1:1 Session

A one-time personalized session with Dr. Laura to talk about your situation, needs, and to develop a comprehensive integrative plan. You will receive a roadmap to share with your care team that contains recommendations about integrative strategies for getting through conventional treatment from start to finish.

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Facing Your First Year with Breast Cancer: Comprehensive Program

Includes over 40 modules of information to help you get through your first year with this diagnosis. There is weekly group Q&A with Dr. Laura and monthly interactive resiliency coaching with a coach and breast cancer survivor, Brenda, for 3 months. (This is a $12,000 value!)

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Making Informed Choices

How to make informed choices about your treatment plan that may include an integrative one. Seven self-study modules to answer your questions about your diagnosis, testing, and risks. Perpetual access to information plus updates.

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What Do I Eat When I Have Breast Cancer

Best eating practices, nutrition science, and foods to enjoy/avoid once you have breast cancer. Six detailed self-study modules with dietary tools you can implement today! Perpetual access to information plus updates.

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Strategies to Optimize Health with Conventional Cancer Treatment

Integrative strategies for getting through your standard of care treatment plan (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and anti-estrogen therapy). Seven comprehensive self-study modules with tips to avoid side effects plus a detailed discussion of anti-estrogen therapy. Perpetual access to information plus updates.

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Integrative and Alternative Medicine for Breast Cancer: Truth and Fiction

A comprehensive look at all integrative/alternative therapies with scientific support (or not) to help you make safe, effective choices for your care. This course walks you through the pros and cons of integrative therapies in 13 comprehensive self-study modules. Perpetual access to information plus updates.

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Not Sure Which Program is Right For You?

Join a FREE Discovery Session with Dr. Laura James!

In this 30-minute virtual session we talk about creating an integrative roadmap for your optimal health with breast cancer.

  • 15 minutes to discuss integrative roadmaps
  • 15 minutes for live Q&A
Join a FREE Discovery Session!

Meet the Instructors

Laura A. James, ND, FABNO

Dr. Laura James is a naturopathic oncologist in private practice in Bellingham, WA. She is trained in safely managing complementary and alternative therapies for cancer patients undergoing conventional cancer treatments. She provides complementary medicine consultations regarding whole foods nutrition, botanical medicine, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle modifications to attain optimum health during cancer treatment and after. She founded Red Cedar Wellness Center, an interdisciplinary integrative health clinic for adults in Bellevue, in 2002, and acted as medical director through 2018.

Dr. James has a bachelors’ degree from Tufts University in Boston, and her naturopathic medicine doctorate from Bastyr University in Seattle. She is a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology. She has served on the Board of Team Survivor Northwest, and as adjunct faculty at Bastyr University’s Center for Natural Health. She collaborates with major medical institutions around the Puget Sound area regarding implementation of integrative medicine programs for cancer patients. She is a sought-after speaker for local and national organizations, including the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Evergreen Healthcare, Overlake Hospital Medical Center, Cancer Lifeline, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Brenda Frost

Brenda Frost is a breast cancer thriver, coach and leader. Throughout her career, Brenda has focused on integrative coaching in the areas of leadership, personal development, and change management. She has helped lead non-profit organizations through times of transition, and has used her eclectic background to bring diverse viewpoints together to drive change and implement successful strategies. After her breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, Brenda focused on not only getting through her treatment and staying upright, but in finding ways to fight the mental and emotional battles that so often threatened to take over. Her outlook and focus helped her through her treatment and recovery, and she continues to share her insights with others through her  interpersonal, corporate, and non-profit work.